23 May 2019

The character of a drafter

(Reading time: 1 - 2 minutes)

This article will discuss the holistic wellness of drafters who work in architectural offices in CAD specific work groups and are part of a broader multidisciplinary team.

What is destiny if not the result of character? What is character without consistent action? While millions of draftsmen and women set out daily to draw architectural and structural features of buildings, little do they think about the path and the course of their own lives.

Most drafters perform detailed technical tasks. This requires the ability to remain committed to a task. For instance, a plan is returned with changes. A professional draftsman knows how to find a way to organize and prioritize the request. Planning comes naturally for a good drafter.

A 2018 report by the Bureau of Labour Statistics claims that increased construction activity is projected to drive demand for drafters, but this is expected to be tempered as engineers and architects have been seen to perform some tasks previously done by drafters. In order to retain relevance, the drafting community must improve communication skills and prepare for consultative collaboration with architects and engineers. The key is listening. Whether it's over the phone, in-person or via email, the attentive listener brings clarity and structure to a project.

Drafters may work in architectural offices, manufacturing companies, engineering firms, construction companies, engineering consultancy firms, the government, natural resource companies etc. It is expected of draftsmen and women to have a steady grasp on comprehension, judgement and decision-making. That's why, a successful drafter must be both follower and leader.

The position of a drafter is of a skilled assistant to architects and engineers. Reviewing work orders is the first obstacle. A mature draftsman or woman takes time to understand the project and its expectations. Attention to detail is a personal preference. However, in the drafting professional circles, a desire to achieve perfection is viewed as a good asset.

Above all things, patience grows and develops the skills and talents one needs to be an expert draftsperson. No doubt, the challenges are great. Thriving in competitive environments is easier than done. Whether one is drafting a microchip or a skyscraper, the job is simple – find your best and do a good job of it.


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