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Green Deeds


The curious case of biomimicry

Bios means life, and mimesis is to imitate. Coined by an American academic and inventor, Otto Schmitt. Bio mimicry in architecture and design is ...

Going Green - Green Architecture

Building and construction have a great effect on the environment. In the United States, buildings alone account for 40-49% energy consumption, 25% of ...

Let’s Design a Green Blueprint for Green Tomorrow...

With the advancement in technology and software, it is possible now to evaluate the energy performance of a building at early stage of building ...

Green Building for Residential Design

Green building, green architecture or sustainable architecture is a design and construction practice that is sensitive towards the environment. Green ...

Architecture Industry: A Hidden Culprit to Global Warming

Contrary to this belief that transportation industry is largely responsible for climate change and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, buildings are the ...

Fighting the Wind – How We Contribute to Natural Disasters

We build our houses as boxes, primarily rectangular boxes of varying sizes and shapes. But boxes have lousy geometry when it comes to shedding wind ...

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  • 101 Seaport Boulevard, Boston, Massachusetts, USA This 444,000 square foot Class A office tower located in Boston's Seaport District, owns the prestigious LEED platinum certification. One of the major differentiators of energy efficiency is its European – style modelled mechanical cooling system. It is designed to cool the building through use of an active chilled beam, a cutting-edge system, first of its kind in Boston.

  • Bloomberg, London Currently, world's highest BREEAM rated (99.1%) major office building, occupies 3.2 acres space and provides approximately 1.1 million square feet of sustainable office space. Bloomberg's commitment of zero-landfill operation in London since 2010 continues at this site with Fosters and partners incorporating highest standards of sustainability through their signature design practices.

  • Mirvac headquarters, Sydney, AustraliaLocated at EY center at 200 George Street, this headquarter is a commercial building, the first project in Australia to awarded WELL certification at Gold level. The building has the world's first combined application of a closed cavity façade with a timber blind system that automatically adjusts, controlling the light and heat radiating from outside.