Sponsors and Associations

Global Fraternity of Architects (GFA)

The Global Fraternity of Architects (GFA) is a unique platform for all interested in sharing their knowledge and real-time experiences about the various tools and methods followed in the AEC and MEP industry. It is a built environment to share, gather, learn and advocate ideas to improve the quality of Architecture and Construction industry. It is an open consortium for those who strive to leave the planet for their progeny at least as good as it was handed to them by their forefathers, if not better. We welcome all innovative ideas and suggestions provided they are related to the AEC and MEP industry. We love having members from the AEC Industry and Real Estate Fraternity join us! 

Global Fraternity of Architects’ Mission: 

>> Provide a unique platform to foster exchange and collaboration among the design, construction and real estate professionals 

>> Highlight the real estate trends and predict the future of the AEC industry down the line 

>> Review the latest AEC tools and software and explore the best possible ways to exploit it 

>> To deliver qualitative benefits to the fraternity of architects, technicians, engineers, and industry experts to help integrate the technology and the architecture industry

>> Inspire and encourage individual’s values and efforts in promoting green campaign and awareness

In this way, to help architects, engineers, constructors and home builders make informed decisions and achieve greater productivity and superior quality within short turnaround time and budget constraint. To join this group, click here.


World of Project Management Professional (WPMP)

If you're 6 months late on a milestone due next week but nevertheless really believe you can make it, you're a project manager.” Welcome to the World of Project Management Professional (WPMP) group. We would like to welcome all experts, consultants, experienced users and interested parties of project management to join this World of Project Management Professionals (WPMP) group. 

We are looking forward to cross-industry discussions about various PM methodologies, PMI and PMP certification, training and, above all, effective networking. You can discuss about BIM Modeling, Revit Architecture, IPD model, IPC (Integrated Program Controls), ITIL, BPM (Business Process Management), PMI vs GPM, handling of SLM (Service Level Agreement), AEC and MEP tools and software, construction method, Infrastructure management, Change Management , the essential of CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration), etc. The exchange of best practices, knowledge, experiences and ideas allows us to enrich our knowledge and improve our performance in respective field. We love having members from the varied fields starting from IT, AEC, MEP, Real Estate professionals, construction managers, software engineers to project manager join us! Join the group and be part of a big forum, round about projects and their management. To join this group, click here.


BluEntBIM: A Leading BIM Consulting Fim in United States

BluEntBIM is a leading Building Information Modeling services provider in United States. Our designers and consultants approach design by integrating building systems, sustainable design principals and extensive construction knowledge from the conceptual development of a project through construction documentation and execution. With experience on numerous overseas projects, we have developed an acute understanding of working collaboratively with owners, home builders, contractors, and stakeholders to leverage regional conditions to meet international quality and performance standards. Our BIM consultants work with people at the leadership level to help them execute BIM implementation process. BluEntBIM facilitates operating cost reduction, optimizing Return on Investment (ROI) with an assured motto to service partners - "Maximum Value. Achieved." If you are interested to know more about BluEntBIM, click here