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Dear Readers,

The first time I heard about Architectural Evangelist, it sounded like a religious e-Zine. Then I thought again - an evangelist is really just someone who brings good news. Sure, I would love to tell anyone who is really interested about how Jesus Christ came to set us free from religion, but in the meantime it's not a bad idea to bring other good news as well. Here it's about ARCHITECTURE.

This issue deals with saving our historical and rich heritage buildings, saving our resources, saving energy, saving the planet, and even saving time and money in the process - in short, RENOVATION.

Here industry professionals share their ideas about the latest developments in laser scanning for capturing the accurate 3D measure of existing buildings, how the government directives, are recognising the value of BIM to keep a virtual record of historical buildings, and how BIM applied to the whole spectrum of renovation projects can bring a more holistic sensitivity to our built environment. We hope that this issue will help you to improve the existing renovation processes, showing that there are some better ways. Happy Reading!

Architectural Evangelist Team

Creating a BIM Model for a Renovation without a Trace
How do we transform an existing building in all its glory into a 3D digital model suitable for BIM purposes? Kris Weeks recommends two advanced methods which you can use to start the design of your renovation project 'without a trace'. Read More
Exercising the Right BIM Strategy for the Renovation
The greatest challenge when undertaking a renovation project is the unknown & hidden condition of the existing building. Daniel Lindahl describes how to make strategic decisions regarding the staging of the renovation program. Read More
Useful Approaches to BIM for Renovation Projects
With new innovations, new products and the government directives, the world of architecture is changing faster than before. Jose Oliveira describes how the technology can yield speed & accuracy in the buildings renovation process. Read More
  Building information Modeling and BluEnt
Much has been talked about BIM. But few have considered it from the perspective of the client. BluEnt helps you to streamline.... Read More

CAD Conversion and Migration Sercices
BluEnt provides all kinds of conversion and migration services - from tracing jobs to intuitive conversions. Tell them your objective and.... Read More
  "While tracing may be a beneficial practice for young architects seeking to unlock the secrets of the masters, it reflects a time-consuming task ill-suited to successfully applying BIM to building renovations." - Kris Weeks, Intern Architect, Caolo & Bieniek Associates
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  "When an old building has no historical significance and no redeeming aesthetic qualities, but has a sound structure, a decision is sometimes made to renovate and modernise its appearance."- Daniel Lindahl, Owner, Daniel Lindahl Architecture
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  "Innovative design products that support BIM, making it a cost-effective way to evaluate, prioritize, and audit proposed building renovation are the essentials for the success of BIM in the renovation program." - Jose Oliveira, BIM Lead and Revit MEP Specialist of Mott McDonalds
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