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Welcome to the 11th Edition of Architectural Evangelist. In this volume, you will find practical views on the implementation of Building information Modeling (BIM) from seasoned industry professionals. They have shared their best practices while implementing BIM and recommended the best solutions to them. So that you learn from their mistakes and don't have to make your own. To BIM or not to BIM is not a relevant question. The question is when and how? The movement to BIM is inevitable. Same as the movement from Paper to CAD happened. Happy BIMming!

As usual, there are also announcements of special offerings from our sponsors that might be of interest to the architects, building developers or consultants. We love having members from the AEC Industry and Real Estate Fraternity join us!

Architectural Evangelist Team
Braving the New World of BIM
The task of adopting BIM can be very daunting for a small firm. A challenge to small firms is the hard cost of investing in the software tools needed for running a BIM project. Kris Weeks shares practical tips on how small firms can undertake the transformation to BIM. Read More
Overcoming the BIM Barriers
Look for BIM software that has a holistic approach, where management, designers & the production team can all be in an open continuum without communication bottlenecks. Daniel Lindahl addresses the barriers to converting a small and medium sized office to BIM. Read More
BIM Cloud & the AEC Collaboration Hub
A BIM cloud allows you to virtualize your desktop so that you can dynamically add computing resources very quickly and cost-effectively. Chris says that virtualization turns your hardware into a piece of software, allowing you to increase the utilization of your actual hardware Read More
  Little BIM for Great Future - A Perspective on BIM
Having a BIM enabled software does not mean that you are BIM(med). With more than 15 years of professional experience in design, construction and BIM implementation, Djordje Grujic shares his perspective on the BIM. Read More

Is Collaboration with Architectural Drafting Firm worth Considering?
Working together with the clients to understand their drafting requirements and delivering them with highest level of accuracy is what sets BluEnt worth considering for large construction documentation projects in US. Read More
  "Many professionals say they have BIM software, but haven’t rolled it out yet. The high cost of upgrading their computer systems would break most small offices." - Daniel Lindahl, Owner, Daniel Lindahl Architecture
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  "Advance2000 has created an artery for collaboration that is causing new businesses to pop up and new sources of revenue for member firms."- Chris France, President, Advance2000 NC
Read his opinion
  "In a difficult economy, small firms tend to concentrate more on their core competencies - what they know and how they’ve done it in the past - to get by." - Kris Weeks, Intern Architect, Caolo & Bieniek Associates
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