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Knowledge process outsourcing is believed to increase productivity and improve efficiency. Manufactures and construction companies are also finding it increasingly beneficial to outsource projects rather than invest in infrastructure.

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Architectural Outsourcing

The changing world economy demands innovative business models. Outsourcing can be effectively applied to enterprise transformation. In keeping with this spirit, architectural outsourcing services have gained great momentum in recent years.

Information Technology positions our daily activities and businesses in an increasingly global context. The practice of architecture is no exception. Architectural Evangelist presents new scenarios for Workshare and defines the ways.




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Modern Architecture Declassified

Art is the ultimate finesse of our human race. Architecture is the greatest inspiration and a powerful symbolic manifestation of our aesthetic fire. AE presents a wholly different perspective at viewing modern architecture.

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Organic Architecture, Avant Garde

Organic architecture is the new revolution to have taken over the architectural domain that marks avant-gardism in building construction. It does away with conventional geometric shapes and takes resort in free-flowing curves and natural forms.

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The Element of Function

Marcus Vitruvius, the pioneering Roman architect, belonging to Julius Caesar’s time 1st century BC, and the most revered codifier of architectural principles asserts in De architectura, that any structure ...

Every era has its own style and ideology which are reflected onto the architecture developed and designed in that era. Architectural Evangelist discovers seven iconic modern architectures which beguile tourists around the world.

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Spruce up Spaces for Spring

Spring is finally in the air! After a dreary and cold winter the sunshine, flower blossoms and cool breeze are welcome beyond words. Creating spring spaces in your home is necessary to bring spring home and enjoy.

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Decorating for the Seasons Summer

Seasonal decorating can be quite a challenge. However, it also gives you a chance to bring out your décor items and adorn your living spaces with them. Following are just some summer decorating ideas.

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Elegant Autumn

Autumn is a warm season which brings in different colors to your lives with your favorite pumpkin and apple pies followed by brewing of hot spiced apple cider. Decorate your homes with autumn leaves to add color and brighter to this season.

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