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Often misquoted BIM is only for large projects with complex geometries. But with the right preparation and strategic planning, the adoption of BIM practices can be swift and highly effective for small firms. Here are some best practices from the BIM Experts...

Rich with information, BIM modeling services deliver architects a wealth of design-centric tasks and home builders a number of significant benefits including increased coordination, constructability analysis, BOQ, quantification, and cost estimation and so on.

Applying BIM to designing a building can deliver a plethora of economic, environmental and societal benefits to home builders – that go much further than the advantages of AutoCAD.

Transitioning to BIM platform is more than just a technology or process change; it's a culture change. Architectural Evangelist collects and disseminates best practices as a service to the architects, owners and construction professionals.

Despite all the bold assertions about Revit and its innovative features and flexibility, the scenario remains intact – architectural designers still slip into old "AutoCAD habits" when using AutoCAD Architecture & AutoCAD MEP. Why?

Contrary to this belief that transportation industry is largely responsible for climate change and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, buildings are the single largest contributors to global warming.
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Taj Mahal

Described as "a tear on the face of eternity" by Rabindranath Tagore, it is not just a monument but truly a matchless piece of art.  It is unparalleled in magnificence and architecture when judged against other monuments built during the Mughal age.

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Parthenon has stood the test of time surviving not just natural but man made devastation as well. A deep study of this wondrous monument would reveal ingenious elements of design attributing to the creative genius of its builders.

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The Great Wall Of China

Standing tall, mighty, and unmoved over millennia, the 4,000 miles (6,500 km) long Great Wall of China is an architectural wonder of epic significance. The Great Wall is the largest ever built structure in terms of mass and surface area.

The Indian Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) industry is witnessing the growth of a whole new segment. Indian architectural KPOs are stepping up on infrastructure and technology and ramping up skilled manpower to cope with the influx.

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