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Discrepancies in construction delivery methods and contracts lead to the failure of BIM. It is time to rethink the contractual context for the BIM-enabled projects. Peter Cholakis, Chief Marketing Officer at 4Clicks Solutions shares industry insights.

Computers and technology have so far been used in the BIM industry. Recent developments have put forth the myriad advantages of modeling not only the graphical aspect but also the non-graphical aspect of building design life cycle.

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BIM: "A Digital Paradigm Shift"

The architecture profession in currently facing at least three important transformations: the integrated practice, the re-emergence of sustainable design, and building information modeling.

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Going Green - Green Architecture

Building and construction have a great effect on the environment. In the United States, buildings alone account for 40-49% energy consumption, 25% of water consumption, 70% of total energy consumption and 38% of total carbon dioxide emissions.

With the advancement in technology and software, it is possible now to evaluate the energy performance of a building at early stage of building designing process. Let’s design a blueprint for green tomorrow green where we and our generation would inhale fresh air!

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Get Walking to be a Modern Urban

In the recent times, there has been a cumulative feeling that people are increasingly getting isolated. In more ways than one, the factor responsible for this has been accounted to the way we live, or more precisely the structures that we live in.

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Green Building for Residential Design

Green building, green architecture or sustainable architecture is a design and construction practice that is sensitive towards the environment. Green building is now a popular design alternative that is said to promote and protect the environment.

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Vernacular Architecture

Vernacular architecture stems from the belief that architecture is a balanced combination of logical knowledge, divine inspiration and common sense. “Vernacular architecture is the architecture of the people, and by the people, but not for the people.”

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Top 7 Reasons to Use Revit Software

BIM is poised to be a major innovation in architecture industry in the 21st century, and Revit supplies oxygen to this wonderful innovation. There are number of reasons behind the increasing acceptance of Revit software in architecture industry.

A group of students aspires to become architects. As part of school curriculum they formed design teams, designed a building and presented it to a room full of practicing architects.

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